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NYC Part 2 For the Love of Pastrami

In my opinion you have to eat certain things when in New York City. You have to eat pizza (you also have to call it a "slice" when you order). You have to eat a large pretzel, which I have had my fill of forever and did not eat on this trip and you have to eat a pastrami sandwich.  I love pastrami, a Rueben Sandwich is possibly one of my favourite things in the world. The pastrami sandwich in New York is one of the great joys in my life when ever I am there.  We were on the way back from High Line Park and waiting for our tour of SOHO to start and had about an hour to kill so we asked one of the locals in the shops where a good place to eat would be. They pointed us about a block over to Amelias diner . This is a typical diner. long bar with round stools. Decor of bright orange and wood tabled booths. Looked like every diner in the 60s you have every seen on TV. You are blasted by the smell of coffee and bacon when you walk in. We were seated and I was blown away by

The Foodies do Victoria part one.

The biggest dilemma for true Foodies is often where to go for dinner. This dilemma is worse when you are trying to plan a date night in a city that is not your home.  D and I are no different. Deciding where to sit  down with clean palates and empty stomachs is one of the great joys of being a foodie and every once in a while D and I go just a little overboard. It is one of my favourite Foodie adventures. We set out in the morning for the few hour drive it takes us to get to Victoria . Checked into our hotel and headed out in search of food . It was the goal to see how many places we could get too in the one night we had . Our first stop was The Churchill  a belly up to the bar pub with a huge range of beer. I am fairly new to the beer drinking world and dont know much about beer. I had a pale ale that was full of citrus and hops. Sharp on my tongue and cut thirst. I dont know my beers but I know I liked that. We split a fish taco to have a look at how they do food. My opinion

Momofuku Noodle Bar, New York City (9.5/10)

In the heart of the East Village in New York City there is a tiny noodle bar with a very subtle sign on the door. You would never know it was run by a world class chef unless you looked more closely to see there is never an empty seat in the house. Momofuku Noodle Bar  was a non negotiable goal of mine being in New York City. I have watched Chef David Chang on many food shows and have found myself inspired by his love of Asian cuisine and the beauty and simplicity that can come from something as simple as Ramen.  This is what Momofuku was built on, a chef's vision of finding his little hole in the east village to sell Ramen. He went on to open multiple restaurants in multiple cities but it started in this little long galley shaped noodle bar. I love Ramen and I love this chef's story so naturally I had to go. Downfall, I was travelling with my best friend who does not really like Asian cuisine, She was totally in support of me finding my little shop but we had to find a

NYC part one The Smith ( 1150 Broadway location) 8\10

If most people leave their heart in San Francisco, I am certain I left my stomach in New York City and I mean that in the best way possible.   I have a special relationship with the City after spending 3 years of my early adulthood living on Long Island NY and I was no stranger to the culinary wonders that awaited me when I adventured there for a girls week holiday.  After  a very long day of travel my friends and I finally made it to our hotel at about 9pm on the first day of our trip. Flight from Toronto had been delayed and put a pin in our original plan to go to a karaoke bar after finding dinner of some sort. We were tired and starving in a city with too many choices when you are that tired and hungry. We did the only natural thing we could, head to the big shiny watering hole across the street called " The Smith" We were right downtown in Manhattan on 27th and Broadway so the restaurant was hopping at 9 pm on a Monday night. We were greeted with warm service and

Whistlin' Waffle. Willow Point, BC (6.5/10)

  Whistlin' Waffle is somewhat of an oddity in eateries.  Located in Willows Farm Market and Garden Centre , it enjoys shared space with kitschy home and garden shops, a food market, a clothing store, and a couple other whimsical businesses.  This waffle place has a couple other quirks as well. It has a vague, almost indiscernible, asian theme. Aside from the waffles (I'll get to those later), Whistlin' Waffle offers only a few side dishes consisting of spring rolls, edamame, deep fried fish dumplings and (of course) waffle fries. Drink offerings include a focus on bubble teas.   The atmosphere upon entering the establishment is stark, with barely any embellishments or decorations. A hard floor and plain wood veneer diner tables fill the echoey dining room, yet behind and around the counter is a clutter of dry erase boards, small appliances and various hand written cards and notes on bubble tea and waffle toppings.  A strange juxtaposition of an old school diner and a p

Biblio Taco. Cumberland, BC. ( 9.5/10)

  In a small hole-in-the-wall location on Cumberland BC's main drag, lives a hip yet unpretentious taco joint called Biblio Taco . So named because of its location the the Old Library building on Dunsmuir avenue, this place dishes out only a handful of Mexican inspired dishes. I, personally, had been looking forward to trying this place out ever since I heard of it. Mexican food is some of my favourite, so on Saturday Whiskey and I, having no plans, whipped down to the small community of Cumberland for a short afternoon food adventure.   Biblio Taco has a tiny storefront, and while not all that large inside, has an ample food preparation station set out in full sight taking nearly half the room. The small menu written on a chalk board near the ordering counter describes about a dozen items available. Tacos, burritos, tortillas, huevos rancheros, quesadillas and a few others Mexican treats.  The decor is only a hint of Mexican, it definitely feels of Cumberland, which has a style

Dockside Fish and Chips. Campbell River BC. (5/10)

  In this location's previous life as a different business, it was merely a walk up fish n chip window with a few seats inside and a handful of tables outside. Things have changed.   Dockside Fish and chips has been in business at this incredible location for over a year now. It's located floating in the Coast Marina, a small marina it shares with a few other businesses and a couple small docks. Right near the ferry terminal that services Quadra Island, Dockside has ample seating outside and quite a few tables inside as well. The newly renovated interior shares space with the compact, efficient kitchen separated by a counter.   I really love the feel of sitting outside, bobbing up and down with the waves. Dockside has table service and is licensed, which makes it a great little secret spot to have a beer from the limited selection that they offer and just enjoy the sea air on a warm day.   The food, however, is mediocre bordering on subpar even. Offering mostly deep f

Dietary restrictions and not being a pain about it

I have recently made the decision to embark on an eating lifestyle that I have done in the past and I know makes me feel better in my body and in my life. I am also a die hard foodie and these two things do not always work very well together. If you have ever had any sort of dietary restriction and you love food then you know how daunting it can be to look at a menu and see it as more of an algebra equation as you try to figure out what to eat. I promise you , when those orders go to the kitchen, it can make a chef''s life a nightmare if you are not competent at the way you order. So to give a little context, in my world I have opted to go into a low carb high dietary fat eating style.  Also known as Ketogenic due to the process it begins in your body of using stored body fat for energy. I wont get too in depth in my reasoning except to say there is excellent evidence to support this way of eating in the fight against cancer and other body ailments that I am genetically v

Super Mario's Bar and Lounge Campbell River B.C (7/10)

Super Mario's Bar and Lounge is the most recent incarnation of this little nook hidden in plain sight in Willow Point B.C. , about 15 minutes south of Campbell River.  Last week when Chef D and I were scratching our brains trying to decide where to eat we lit upon the idea to check out Super Mario's again as the first time was a really good vibe. This little lounge is tucked between a liquor store and the entrance to a drive through with a supermarket on the other side in the middle of a busy strip mall. It does not look like much from the outside but when you walk in the atmosphere is that of a lazy supper lounge. On this day particularly they had a Rod Steward concert playing on the TVs and we were the only people in the lounge. Round booths lined the outside perimeter of the room in a semi circle all facing the small stage which local bands play on the weekend. The whimsical ambiance was topped off by the stone pizza over behind the bar, long since retired of its o