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Fishhook at Mermaid Wharf. Victoria BC

    Day drunk and starving. This is how we approached the door to Fishhook at Mermaid Wharf in Victoria. D and I had started another day in Victoria looking for a way to shake the day-before’s combination of sleep deprivation and hangover (both food and alcohol) So naturally after touring Value Village looking for treasures for our future Van, we went to the brewery for a couple hours. Without breakfast. This Brought us to noon and Fishhook where I personally planned to devour anything I could find.   Fishhook is an Indian/seafood restaurant. Really. In all the fusion type places we have eaten and all the shows that we have watched I had not seen anyone proclaim themselves that. I was very very interested in what Fishhook had to offer. The view was beautiful looking out at the water and the restaurant itself did a very good job of feeling “nautical”. Sea and stormy blue colours and local art. A split level dining room with just a slight ramp separating the two,