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Gowlland Harbour Resort. Quadra Island BC (2.5/10)

I hate complainers. Really truly, I dislike people that complain every day of their lives, send food back at restaurants and make a scene. Well, at Gowlland Harbour resort on Quadra Island BC last Sunday night, we, the foodies were complainers. The scene was beautiful, Gowlland has an excellent venue in Quathiaski Cove right on the water. You travel down a goat trail driveway surrounded by trees giving it the feeling of a grove. The cabins are nestled separately around the main building which contains the restaurant. This was not our first visit to Gowlland, but it was our first visit there alone where we could eat in our “style”. My first thought walking in was that it was very quiet, 7 pm and only a few tables full. This in itself was not a big deal, it was Sunday and Quadra is a small place. Service was friendly and eager to take our drink order, this was all good. We had been looking at the menu on line and had a relative idea as to what we were going to eat. Starte