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Momofuku Noodle Bar, New York City (9.5/10)

In the heart of the East Village in New York City there is a tiny noodle bar with a very subtle sign on the door. You would never know it was run by a world class chef unless you looked more closely to see there is never an empty seat in the house. Momofuku Noodle Bar  was a non negotiable goal of mine being in New York City. I have watched Chef David Chang on many food shows and have found myself inspired by his love of Asian cuisine and the beauty and simplicity that can come from something as simple as Ramen.  This is what Momofuku was built on, a chef's vision of finding his little hole in the east village to sell Ramen. He went on to open multiple restaurants in multiple cities but it started in this little long galley shaped noodle bar. I love Ramen and I love this chef's story so naturally I had to go. Downfall, I was travelling with my best friend who does not really like Asian cuisine, She was totally in support of me finding my little shop but we had to find a