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NYC Part 2 For the Love of Pastrami

In my opinion you have to eat certain things when in New York City. You have to eat pizza (you also have to call it a "slice" when you order). You have to eat a large pretzel, which I have had my fill of forever and did not eat on this trip and you have to eat a pastrami sandwich.  I love pastrami, a Rueben Sandwich is possibly one of my favourite things in the world. The pastrami sandwich in New York is one of the great joys in my life when ever I am there.  We were on the way back from High Line Park and waiting for our tour of SOHO to start and had about an hour to kill so we asked one of the locals in the shops where a good place to eat would be. They pointed us about a block over to Amelias diner . This is a typical diner. long bar with round stools. Decor of bright orange and wood tabled booths. Looked like every diner in the 60s you have every seen on TV. You are blasted by the smell of coffee and bacon when you walk in. We were seated and I was blown away by

The Foodies do Victoria part one.

The biggest dilemma for true Foodies is often where to go for dinner. This dilemma is worse when you are trying to plan a date night in a city that is not your home.  D and I are no different. Deciding where to sit  down with clean palates and empty stomachs is one of the great joys of being a foodie and every once in a while D and I go just a little overboard. It is one of my favourite Foodie adventures. We set out in the morning for the few hour drive it takes us to get to Victoria . Checked into our hotel and headed out in search of food . It was the goal to see how many places we could get too in the one night we had . Our first stop was The Churchill  a belly up to the bar pub with a huge range of beer. I am fairly new to the beer drinking world and dont know much about beer. I had a pale ale that was full of citrus and hops. Sharp on my tongue and cut thirst. I dont know my beers but I know I liked that. We split a fish taco to have a look at how they do food. My opinion