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Tidal Taco Shack, Qualicum Bay, BC.

 This taco joint has been on the Vagrant Foodies “Must Try” list for some time now. We have been hearing good things for a couple years now.   We waited 45 minutes for tacos at a beach-side parking lot, on a hot day with no shade to be found.   To be fair, the wait is always long, and they have a sign posted right near the window stating the wait is usually 30 minutes to an hour. It’s a popular place.     It’s truly a shack. A tiny shed like structure with a dozen or so picnic tables out front of it. We stepped to the window and browsed the menu which consists or six or so tacos, all of which can be made into burritos or salads as well.   We decided on four tacos between the two of us: one prawn, one fish, and two beef.   When we got there all the tables were occupied, so we sipped Mexican soft drinks and sat on the rocks and watched the ocean surf. It’s quite a beautiful location.   Although it it a busy place, I was struck by how slowly they get food out. In that
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Fishhook at Mermaid Wharf. Victoria BC

    Day drunk and starving. This is how we approached the door to Fishhook at Mermaid Wharf in Victoria. D and I had started another day in Victoria looking for a way to shake the day-before’s combination of sleep deprivation and hangover (both food and alcohol) So naturally after touring Value Village looking for treasures for our future Van, we went to the brewery for a couple hours. Without breakfast. This Brought us to noon and Fishhook where I personally planned to devour anything I could find.   Fishhook is an Indian/seafood restaurant. Really. In all the fusion type places we have eaten and all the shows that we have watched I had not seen anyone proclaim themselves that. I was very very interested in what Fishhook had to offer. The view was beautiful looking out at the water and the restaurant itself did a very good job of feeling “nautical”. Sea and stormy blue colours and local art. A split level dining room with just a slight ramp separating the two,

Nubo Japanese Tapas. Victoria BC

 Chef D and I are believers in  the golden rule of food. The locals know where to eat better than the internet does. In the case of NUBO , the locals and the internet agreed. I was personally a little nervous about the idea of Japanese tapas, wondering about the description we had read which was vague. Japanese style tapas. That was really all we could find. There seemed to be a huge menu online to look at and most of it sounded excellent. So, we made a reservation for a late dinner and walked the 10 blocks or so from our hotel to try and find this place. The neighbourhood looked very residential, there was construction and apartment buildings, and seemingly out of place there were two Japanese restaurants side by side. We will talk about the other one another day. My first impression of NUBO was that it reminded me of MOMOFUKU noodle bar in New York. Very long skinny dining area and a seated bar surrounding the chefs who were working in the open. I liked the vibe but it did

Chicken 649, Victoria BC

Chicken 649 Stark white walls, Simple black lettering on the outside of the building. Looks and feels like a fried chicken joint. So what is all the fuss about? When D and I walked up to Chicken 649 which was a bit out of the way from our usual haunting pattern in Victoria, my first thought was… really? I have learned though never to judge, some of the best things I have eaten have come from very dingy little places. We took a table in the corner and I ordered the classic recipe 8 piece chicken with a corn salad, pickles, and a dipping sauce. First of all the chicken came in a pizza box presentation which I thought was really neat, pieces lined up in a row and below them the sauces and the salads, the pickles were Daikon!  This thrilled me as I have an unhealthy addiction to the stuff. It is hard to say much about fried chicken other than it is either good or its not, This was great. The batter was crunchy, had been fried for just the right amount of time as to be dark not

Hank's *A Restaurant, Victoria BC

  We had to use Google maps to find this place, and we were almost on top of the location when we noticed it. Hanks is a small (allegedly eighteen seats, but even that’s pretty tight) restaurant with a small sign and darkened windows. Hanks is hidden in plain sight right downtown Victoria on Douglas street.   When we walked in I was instantly delighted, I felt like I had discovered a private back room of an obscure watering hole. The thick aroma of deeply browned meat hit my nostrils immediately. The place looked completely full; that is to say there were a dozen or so patrons, mostly sitting on stools around the bar.  We inquired if it possible get seated, but I was thinking we would be turned away. Whiskey and I may have fit slotted in somewhere, but we were expecting a guest to join us as well.  The bubbly hostess/server told us they had one table near the back of the dining room, so she led us eleven steps towards the back where we were delighted see the largest table (of the th

The Blue Fox Café. Victoria BC.

  You know when fate steps in? Well this is what happened the morning that D and I ended up at the Blue Fox Café . The plan had been to got to Floyd's for an astounding breakfast that I had only heard rumours about.   We were disappointed to find that Floyds had been permanently closed and we were sadly not going to be able to flip double or nothing for our breakfast.     Cold and still wanting breakfast we had to make a call, and I remembered The Blue Fox, a kitschy breakfast nook I had been ages ago with a friend, so we went searching.   The Blue Fox is unassuming from the outside, with small sign out front with the name of the restaurant and the simple statement of specials. We wandered in.     The dining room felt a lot like you were cramming into Gramma’s kitchen, red brick walls and tables were stuffed cheek by jowl. It was packed. We were given menus in the small waiting area, and we got the impression quickly that the idea was to turn the tables over

Back at the table

Hello foodie fans,  It’s been a little while since you have heard anything from us, life gets busy and we have been no exception.  With the imminent return  of the sun , myself and Chef D are planning our return to society from our long winter sleep as well and we are looking forward to a few new places around home to eat and check out.  Spoiler alert Victoria BC is on our list in the next few weeks for our annual VF foodie getaway. Hope you have been enjoying Chef D and his beer of the week reviews. Planning on adding Wine Wednesday to that mix along with a few other food related pages that we have in the works.  So with much love and growling stomachs we will be seeing you very soon. Stay tuned  Whiskey G.