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The Blue Fox Café. Victoria BC.

  You know when fate steps in? Well this is what happened the morning that D and I ended up at the Blue Fox Café. The plan had been to got to Floyd's for an astounding breakfast that I had only heard rumours about.

  We were disappointed to find that Floyds had been permanently closed and we were sadly not going to be able to flip double or nothing for our breakfast. 

  Cold and still wanting breakfast we had to make a call, and I remembered The Blue Fox, a kitschy breakfast nook I had been ages ago with a friend, so we went searching.

  The Blue Fox is unassuming from the outside, with small sign out front with the name of the restaurant and the simple statement of specials. We wandered in.  

  The dining room felt a lot like you were cramming into Gramma’s kitchen, red brick walls and tables were stuffed cheek by jowl. It was packed. We were given menus in the small waiting area, and we got the impression quickly that the idea was to turn the tables over as fast as possible. The place was in high demand.
We reviewed the menus for a few minutes and were seated.

  Now, The Blue Fox is known to have fantastic bennies, so of course this is what we were going to order. I had a benny that was called “Angel Wings”; spinach, perfectly poached eggs and tomato. The Hollandaise was laced with feta cheese, all served on a bagel. Wow.

  It really was fantastic. The side of sausage that I ordered proved to be 3 huge farmers sausages. I was thinking to myself “ If I am planning a day of eating this is not going to leave much room”. I tried to eat intelligently, paced myself and didn't really eat the bagel , still left so full because I could not stop!

  We did not get to Floyds, but the Blue Fox Cafe proved a breakfast worth remembering, and made certain I know where to get the best benny in Victoria  

7.5/10 Only points lost for very cramped seating.

Cheers and Bon Appétit

Whiskey G


Still shaking off the cobwebs from the night before, we shuffled into the Blue Fox café. Cluttered, packed and noisy, there was no table for us to sit, but our hostess told us the wait would not be long and gave us menus to browse. Within a few minutes, a table in the middle of the small dining room opened up and we were seated.
I ordered a sorely needed coffee right away and tried to decide on breakfast. I'm usually not much of a morning eater but the aroma of the room quickly made my stomach growl. The menu was intriguing, a good mix of breakfast items, but definitely weighted towards eggs benedicts. Curiously, butter chicken appeared on more than a couple breakfast items. I boldly decided to go with the obvious: Butter chicken eggs benny.

Coffee appeared within minutes, and it was good. Really good. Surprisingly good. We ordered food and sat within close proximity to other patrons taking in the quirky art on the brick wall, many consisting of (no surprise) foxes.

Food arrived after a reasonable wait considering the bustle of the dining room and it looked delicious. Piled high with crispy onions and a generous amount of fresh cilantro, I dove into my benny. Atop a large bagel there was heaps of butter chicken and two perfectly poached eggs. The Hollandaise was to be marvelled at, I'm picky when it comes to Hollandaise, it's something I make almost daily at work and have come to appreciate the very subtle nuances that make up a good batch. This was some of the best I've ever had. Accompanying the benny was a portion of good hash browns, I intended not to eat them as I was pretty full, but couldn't help myself and ate a good amount anyways.

I really enjoyed my chunk of the morning at The Blue Fox Café, I wasn't even too bothered by lack of elbow room. We socialized with the table next to us for awhile, in a move unlike me (especially in the morning), and the conversation was not unpleasant.


Cheers and Bon Appétit,

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