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Cow Bay Cafe Prince Rupert B.C (8.5/10)

Recently I went rogue on Chef D and went to visit a girlfriend of mine in Prince Rupert B.C.  I was thrilled for the mini vacation into a part of the province that I had not been to before, but above that, Prince Rupert sits right on the ocean and is renowned for its seafood. I really love seafood. I have a secret to confess, I am on the quest for the perfect seafood chowder. I mean really on a quest. If a place has it on the menu I have to add it to my meal somehow. Its almost compulsive at this point. So my girlfriend knows this of me and she already had a plan in place for us when I arrived. She had earmarked three places with chowder that she insisted I try to see if maybe the perfect chowder resides in the little fishing town. On my first morning there we set off walking down the many many MANY hills into a part of Prince Rupert called Cow Bay.  True to its name indeed! There are cow prints and small cow figures around wherever you look, acutally It gave a charm that I wou

Wasabiya Japanese Sushi Cafe, Campbell River BC. ( 8.5/10)

  I've been to Wasabiya quite a few times. I wouldn't say I frequent the place. It's very popular and sometimes hard to get a seat in the small establishment unless you reserve ahead of time, and when the urge for sushi strikes I want it now. Most recently Whiskey I treated ourselves last Thursday.  There is good reason why this small sushi joint is always bustling. Every single time I've dined there the quality and freshness of the ingredients is superb. The consistency is one of many reasons why locals flood to Wasabiya. The friendly, casual-but-not-too-casual service and atmosphere is another. With just a handful of tables and seats for about six people at the bar, one could almost imagine being in a small side-entrance sushi den somewhere in Japan.  What brings me back time and time again however, is one of the most refreshing delicious dishes I have ever had the pleasure to consume. The popular, almost legendary smoked salmon salad. Cold smoked wild salmon