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Sult Pierogi Bar, Victoria BC

  Whenever possible, it's nice to visit a dining establishment at least twice before writing about it. Not only does it mitigate the risk that maybe the cook was having an off day or the server was new, but also highlights the consistency and/or progression of the experience. This was our second visit to Sult Pierogi Bar .   We arrived during happy hour. Three pierogis for three bucks with sour cream thrown in for good measure.  With a diverse selection of different pierogis on the menu we had a tough time deciding. As we studied the menu I ordered a beer (Electric Unicorn from Phillips brewing, one of my faves), which arrived cold, in a can. Sult has a well stocked bar and a fairly eclectic cocktail menu, and Whiskey (somewhat surprisingly to me) ordered up a Manhattan. As we sipped drinks we managed to settle on four varieties and and added a sausage for accompaniment.   Sult's atmosphere is modern, industrial, and a bit dark, with heavy wooden tables, fresh art a

Bin 4 Burger Lounge, Victoria BC.

  Bin 4 is undoubtably a burger joint. If you are looking for something else, look elsewhere. That being said, they have a nice selection of burgers as well as a few salads and burger accompaniments. The atmosphere is that of a sports bar or a chain hotel restaurant, quite clean, but unnoteworthy is almost every way.   Browsing the drink menu, one thing (oddly not alcoholic!) caught my eye immediately: house made mint lemonade. I, being a lover of good sour lemonade, ordered this. It did not disappoint.  While not overly sour, it still had some bite and generous cooling from the fresh mint. This would be an ultimate thirst quencher on a warm summer day.   Being the first meal of my day, I opted to order "The breakfast club" burger. It was a pork and chorizo burger with guacamole and topped with bacon and a fried egg.  When it arrived, the presentation was simple and the actual burger looked pretty good, fresh, with the exception of the overripe hot house tomatoes. Serve