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Spice Hut, Campbell River BC. (7.5/10)

  Like a hug from an old friend, Spice Hut 's offerings are familiar and warm.  This is one of my go-to places to eat. Our most recent visit to Spice Hut was on Thursday. Whiskey and I, preparing to go see some live music downtown Campbell River, stopped in for a dinner.   Spice Hut is a small franchise Indian restaurant, with three locations on Vancouver Island and six in total across western Canada. And while I'm not familiar with the other locations, the one here is quite consistent with the food. The only variance is the spice level, which seems to change on a whim depending on the mood of the cooks that day.  Sometimes I will order a dish with a medium level and I sweat and struggle to get through the meal (I have no aversion to hot food, I often go out of my way to indulge in it, in fact) while other times it has just a trace of warmth.  The flavours are always bang on, however. Seasoned perfectly, (which is good because you wont find salt or any other seasonings to ad