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Chicken 649, Victoria BC

Chicken 649

Stark white walls, Simple black lettering on the outside of the building. Looks and feels like a fried chicken joint. So what is all the fuss about?

When D and I walked up to Chicken 649 which was a bit out of the way from our usual haunting pattern in Victoria, my first thought was… really?

I have learned though never to judge, some of the best things I have eaten have come from very dingy little places.

We took a table in the corner and I ordered the classic recipe 8 piece chicken with a corn salad, pickles, and a dipping sauce.

First of all the chicken came in a pizza box presentation which I thought was really neat, pieces lined up in a row and below them the sauces and the salads, the pickles were Daikon!  This thrilled me as I have an unhealthy addiction to the stuff.

It is hard to say much about fried chicken other than it is either good or its not, This was great. The batter was crunchy, had been fried for just the right amount of time as to be dark not burnt. Most of it was deboned so you could dunk and bite uninhibited.

The corn salad though was my favourite part. I am totally aware that sounds strange, It was actually nothing complicated. Sweet corn niblets, a white dressing , some peppers and onions. It was deadly or I just really wanted it at that moment in time.

We were stuffed. I seriously contemplated ordering more chicken just to take home and eat at midnight. As it was, after our night at Wheelies, we DID have chicken. We just ate D’s leftovers instead. They burnt my mouth with the peppers and were  fantastic but I will allow him to tell his tale.

As for myself, Chicken 649, I tip my hat to you. Worth the walk, worth the wait.

9/10 (Point lost for slightly dirty dining area).

Cheers and Bon appétit

Whiskey G

  I have to confess, we have returned to Chicken 649 since originally choosing to review this place.  I couldn’t wait to get back, I had dreams of the chicken. This is seriously addictive!

  We’ve tried about half the menu now, but its the Yang-Nyeom (Korean style) fried chicken that makes me salivate when I think of it. With depth of flavour unmatched by many sauces I’ve ever had, this chicken is sweet, spicy, garlicky, sticky and rich. Definitely, I will be back a third time for this.

  The original 649 fried chicken is also very good, super crispy on the outside but moist and succulent throughout. Seasoned so perfectly one would imagine the grains of salt are counted individually.  Most of the other varieties of chicken such as the cilantro lime and the sweet garlic are simply slight variations on this original.  There is a creamy cheese fried chicken on the menu that I’ve yet to try, but sounds amazing (three cheeses and béchamel topped) Next visit I’ll indulge in that!

  The restaurant itself is completely unpretentious. White walls with black and yellow accents, bare tables and benches with a cooler near the ordering counter from which you choose your own beverages.  This place is all about the chicken.  Assumedly a family-run business the service is humble and pleasant, no time for chit chat or stories though, there is chicken to fry.  I get the feeling this is a bit of a local secret, but I’m sure the ones that do know about this place frequent it enough to keep it pretty busy.

  I’m already scheming how to get back for another taste.

Cheers and bon appétit,
Chef D

9/10 (Don’t expect much atmosphere or a large menu selection).

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